The End of a Cycle and the Beginning of a New


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Wafubeh, Brothers and Sisters! I wanted to give you all some further encouragement and an update on my progress. As of today, I have memorized the entirety of the Nine Dreams and am four days away from completing my work in the Yi-Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan. It has been a long and challenging process, but it has been extremely rewarding.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of memorization in our Art. While it is possible to travel through the Art of Ninzuwu without memorization, it is only a surface journey. It is like snorkeling on the surface of the ocean as opposed to scuba diving to the deepest depths.

It is hard for me to put much of it into words. Much of what I have experienced and am still experiencing is too subtle to put into words. Like I have said before, the Art works on you slowly. It gradually wears down your rough edges like the ocean over a stone.

Nothing I have experienced has been phantasmagorical, for lack of a better term. No deities have stepped down from the heavens in human form. No demons have risen from the depths of the Underworld to scream at me. My experiences have been a slow release of those things separating me from myself. I think for the first time I am starting to figure out who I am and my place in the Universe. For me that is huge!

Like I have said before, if I can do it, anyone can do it. When I was younger, my memory had an incredible capacity. I was very involved with theatre then and was able to memorize entire scripts without that much effort. Over the years, it felt like I had lost that ability, but it only took me making the effort for my brain to respond again. The same can happen to you!

In closing, I want to re-emphasize to give yourself the gift of memorization. Nothing compares to having this Art as part of your very being. It will reach out and improve every aspect of your life. Doing the Work is a small price to pay.

Ben McInnis, G.EA., FGDS


The Peace of Nyarzir: Reflections on the Resurrection of the Ghost Dragons

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Ghost Dragon

Recently, I completed the Resurrection of the Ghost Dragon initiation as part of my continuing progress in the Art of Ninzuwu and in my own spiritual evolution. This process was very different from previous initiations I have embarked upon. The results of  this process I will attempt to describe as best as I can.

I will admit, I began this journey flying a bit blind. I purchased “The Sacred Text of Ghost Dragon Kotodama” by Warlock Asylum because I was seeking the next goal for my spiritual work. I was searching for the right “fit” for myself because, despite having been practicing the Art of Ninzuwu for a number of years at that point, I had not fully committed myself to it. I still viewed my spiritual path as a set of benchmarks to pass and continue on from. It was more of a checklist than an experience for me.

As much as I tried to intellectualize it, there is no substitute for actual experience. I had spent most of the 30+ years of spiritual seeking with my nose in books. I would not call myself an “armchair” mystic or occultist, but I will admit my theoretical knowledge far outweighed my practical experience.

This began to change when I embarked on the Gatewalking initiation of the Simon Necronomicon roughly seven years ago. I had experiences during that time that defied all practical logic or skepticism I had maintained up to that point in my studies. My spiritual path became “real” to me at that point, but despite this, my intent had not yet fully developed.

A few years after that, I began my Work in the Art of Ninzuwu. Despite what I had learned and experienced as a Necronomicon initiate, Ninzuwu was something completely different. At first, I did not think it resonated with me, so I stopped the process and went on to other things. Something, however, drew me back and after two more attempts, I finally completed my initiation into the Nine Dreams of the Crow.

Ninzuwu is subtle. Unlike my experiences with the Necronomicon which were very explosive and intense, Ninzuwu is gentle and incorporates itself in one’s life through the process of living. I had gotten used to approaching my spiritual path as a sorcerer wherein I would perform a ritual and gain a result and then move on to something else. Ninzuwu was the first time I experienced something that was literally a way of life that grew with me day by day.

I mention my past experiences to lend a little perspective to my more recent experiences. When I began the Ghost Dragon initiation, my focus, while more evolved than it had been when I was a Necronomicon initiate, was still very selfish. I was still looking for power to mold my life according to my whims. I thought that, despite what experience had taught me, I could somehow incorporate my new levels of understanding with my magical practices, but that was before the first Dragon.

Ninzuwu teaches through life experiences. It is not flashy nor is it a metaphysical adrenaline rush. It is, however, real. Since the time I began this initiation, my life took some very unexpected turns and they were directly related to experiencing the Ghost Dragons’ attunement in my life.

Through many experiences my outlook began to change. I went from being a self-involved “magician” only out for myself to something very different. At one time, I made the statement that altruism was a lie and no one did anything that was not self-motivated. This may be true on a purely visceral and instinctual level, however, we are more than than simply flesh, bone, and instincts. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are capable of choosing to move beyond ourselves and act for the betterment of our common beings for no other reason than it is what our spirit calls us to do. None of us is an island unto ourselves. We are all connected and co-dependent on one another for our continued existence. We are all cells in the same body.

Since finishing this process, I have learned what peace is. I thought I knew what it was before this point, but that was only because I had never experienced it before. I did not find peace by accomplishing my own goals; I found it in service to others and to the Natural World. I found it in seeing the Sun echo off the leaves of trees and in animals at play. I found it in my work home from work every night listening to the night sounds as well as the silence. I found this peace in the harmony of all things with the Divine world which expresses itself invisibly in all things until that moment we are able to catch the barest glimpse of it in the most “mundane” appearing things. In that moment, the change occurs and we see the reasons behind every step taken up to that point and how no matter how hard it was, it was all worth it.

The Peace of Nyarzir is something that is beyond words to truly capture it. It is what is referred to, but never named in the Tao. I have tasted this peace and now wonder why I ever sought anything else. Now that I know it, no counterfeit will ever suffice, but I could have never gotten here without every twisting step I have had to take.

Peace is not a static state. It is constantly evolving. It is never found in the same place it was found before, but in the seeking of it is the finding of it. Life is about experiencing it and there is no greater “magic” than living.

Ben McInnis, EA.G, FGDS

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Reviewing “Meditation Within Eternity” by Eric Pepin



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On a whim the other day, I purchased “Meditation Within Eternity.” For a long time, I have been working on making my meditations more vital and profound. but had of yet not been able to get off the plateau I had reached. Coincidentally, it was at this time that I happened to see the add for Mr. Pepin’s book on Facebook and decided to click on the add.

Included with the book were guided meditations which combined music and bi-aural beats with spoken guidance. I tried one of the meditations and was sold immediately. I found that missing element I was looking for.

I started reading the book that night following the very profound meditation session and continued to be extremely pleased with what I was reading. Mr. Pepin has succeeded in streamlining the meditation process as well as making it extremely user friendly for beginners. He combines mindfulness with spatial awareness as well as touch to help one reach the state of “non-mind” quickly and remarkably easily.

My only real criticism of the work is, at times, Mr. Pepin’s tone becomes rather arrogant, in my opinion. He seems to laud his years of experience as evidence of his absolute authority on the subject of meditation. Thankfully, these points are few and far between in the work.

In closing, I highly recommend “Meditation Within Eternity” to everyone seeking to expand their consciousness. It is as useful for beginners as it is for those of us who have been meditating for years. It was well worth the money spent and I expect the knowledge I have gained to pay itself back with interest compounded.

Many Blessings!
Ben McInnis, EA.G, FGDS

Bishamonten: A Masculine Aspect of the Ayaqox

The Art of Ninzuwu

“Sometimes Ayaqox will appear as a handsome man to a woman full of desire. Other times, she will appear to the man of great vigor, as a beautiful woman with long black hair and the face of a praying mantis with green skin.”The Ivory Tablets of the Crow

A masculine aspect of the Ayaqox. This depiction is a Primitive Japanese Folk Buddhist Wood Carving Bishamonten Statue (Dealer: misakadou) – Primitive wood carving of Bishamonten (Vessavana) with humorous expression instead of its usual stern expression,

One of the masculine sides of the Ayaqox is Bishamon, also called Bishamonten. According to the Art of Ninzuwu teachings, Bishamonten is closely associated with the tenguSojobo and with the Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei. His influence is seen in the Ivory Tablets in the case of Xuz wearing of the “black armor.”

Traditionally, Bishamonten is widely known as one…

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